Islamic parenting and tarbiyah matters

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Pakistan's No.1 Online Islamic Parenting and Tarbiyah Course

Raising kids nicely and  doing effective parenting at current ege is the toughest and the most challenging job in the world. We offer Pakistan’s No. 1 effective and successful Islamic parenting course.


This course is special bounty for parents, teachers and interested individuals who want to know effective parenting techniques and Islamic tarbiyah guidelines.

Course Objectives

This course will lead the participants to become effective and successful parents, teacers and guardians.

They will realize their cruical role being parents or teachers and align their all activities with Islamic perspective of purpose of creation. 

They will understand all the parenting and tarbiyah matters with their best solutions at current era.

The participants will learn concepts of tarbiyah, areas and dimensions of tarbiyah,  solid methodologies and strategies of tarbiyah. 

Who should attend this course?

Parents who want to raise righteous and successful children.

Parents who want to raise skillful and happy children.

Parents who have teenagers and are stuck in the problems.

Couples who have no any child but they are planning for it.

Teachers and mentors who teach and do tarbiyah of children. 

What are the Course Bases

The Holy Quran and Sunnah of Rasulullah (saws) and as well as seerah of the prophet (saws) are the bases of this comprehensive course. When it comes to prolongation and details of the course we take help of the modern psychology.


 Modern psychology is the best helper of the parenting and tarbiyah course work. So we will discuss all the concepts and techniques of parenting with details according to research of the modern psychology insha Allah. 

Course Shedule

Total classes:          12 

Class durations:     1 ½hour

Timings: 8:00 – 9:30 PM

Classes in a week: 3 

Calss days (Wed, Thu, Fri)

Course duration: 1 Month 

Course will start: 4th Jan, 2023 

lactures platform: via

Topics we will Cover in this Course

What is the concept of tarbiyah and its importance?

  • Parenting and tarbiyah in Islamic perspective.
  • Parenting by modern psychology.
  • Modern parenting and tarbiyah’s challenge.
  • Dimensions of holistic parenting and Tarbiyah.
  • Phases of tarbiyah and Islamic parenting.
  • Hurdles of tarbiyah and effective parenting.
  • Teenager’ s parenting problems and solutions. 
  • Parenting by personality types.  

About the Trainer

Dr. Muhammad Younus Khalid is Ph. D graduate, Islamic scholar and trainer. He has done his Ph. D from University of Karachi and Shahada Alamiah degree from Jamia Darul uloom Karachi under wifaqul Madaris Arabia Pakistan.


He has been serving in the field of education, Tarbiyah and Islamic parenting for years. He is founder and CEO of THE IQRA RAMS Schooling system, and edutarbiyah institute. These institutions are serving well in the field of education, self-development, skills development, tarbiyah and holistic parenting.



Dr. Muhammad Younus Khalid is also auther of many books, certified life coach, NLP practitioner and trainer. 

What will you get from this Course

·       E-Certificate  

·       Free Book on parenting

·       Free course revision  

·       Mentoring  

    Facilitation by WhatsApp group.

How to Pay Your Fee

Fee for this highly recommanded and valuable  online course is Rs. 5000/- only.

You can pay your fee through easypaisa or Bank Transfer. Below are the bank account and easypaisa account. 

Please make sure your fee payment. And share with us the payment slip by whatsApp.


Meezan Bank Account:  9928005071453

Easypaisa Account:       03432944940


If you face any problem, do not hasitate to contact us in the following number:

Muhammad Saad


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