what is the Mother’s role in parenting?

The importance of a mother’s role in parenting is unquestionable. It becomes visible in the Hadith of the Rasulullah (SAW). He said: “Paradise (Janna) is kept under the footsteps of a mother”. This statement shows the importance of motherhood. The lap of a mother is a complete institution for her child in which he learns before going to school. In this article, we will discuss the topic: what is the mother’s role in parenting?

At a young age, before going to school a child learns all basic skills. like dressing up, walking, talking and toileting etc. If a mother is good-natured, intelligent, well-tempered, happy, well-disciplined and knowledgeable, Automatically all these qualities will transfer to her child. Napoleon Hill says:

Give me good mothers I will give you a good generation.

This statement describes the role of good mothers. Due to this, we can get skilled and good generations. Here we mention some important and basic roles of a good mother.       

1. The mother as a role model

After getting birth a child first recognizes his mother’s scent and wants to go with her. When he opens his eyes of intellect, he first observes and recognizes his mother. When a child comes into this world he is born without any knowledge and social skills.

To satisfy this need he starts to imitate his mother and father. Since the mother is available for him for any time and she is the caretaker of him, so she becomes the first role model for her child. A child learns from his mother, how to communicate and behave with others and how to respond to others? A child learns and includes phrases like “please”, “I am sorry” and “thank you” in his language if his mother does like this.     

A child is a mirror of his parents, he behaves just like his parents. If parents give respect to others, talk politely to each other and behave others well, then the child reflects all these qualities. On the contrary, if parents do not perform well in these situations, children do like parents because parents are their child’s role models.  

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2. The first mentor of a child

Mother is the first mentor and role model for her child. Every child needs a good mentor to learn good attributes and behaviours. Like patience, management, selflessness, success in life and skill development etc. So potentially the mother is the one who could be the best mentor.

If a mother is well educated and passionate about her children’s success, she could be a good mentor. Because she is the one who guides her child to feed, to dress up, to get ready, to go to school and to learn subjects and get skills etc. The duty of a mentor is to teach his mentee the big targets of life. so this is the role of a mother to teach her child the big goals and targets of life and to try to improve his skill sets to achieve life targets.   

3. Strongest Emotional Bond with the Child

It is very crucial for a mother to have a strong emotional bonding with her child. Emotional bonding means constructing a strong attachment between mother and baby. This emotional bonding develops confidence and trust in a child and this is a key to improving emotional development in a child.

Dr Leslie Atkinson says that attachment between mother and child has a deep impact on psychology as well as in physiology.  He studied the biological, psychological and social influence of a mother-child attachment and found that the strength of a relationship, or the lack of it, had a direct effect on the production of stress hormones in the child’s body.

If there is a lack of attachment and emotional bonding between mother and child, it would lead to anxiety and depression both in child and mother. Mother-child attachment and emotional bonding cannot be compromised. Because she is the primary caretaker. If it is compromised, who would be the person with whom the child can exchange the words or communicate? The infant feels safe and calm with the interaction of the mother.

4. Be kind, Loving and Caring

Mothers are kind, loving and caring for their children. If I share my mother’s kindness, responsibility and the quality of her care, everyone would say that’s what my mother does. These are signs of mothers. My mother is full of kindness, love and care. Every person in my family likes her. I like and appreciate my mother’s kindness, affectionateness, care and helpfulness that she reared and supported me in every aspect of life. Even if I was at the wrong place.

When I was a little kid my mother raised me and nourished me with love, care and full support. When I was able to go to school, my mother took me to school. She got me admission and made me understand, that schooling is very useful for me. When I came back from school my mother used to hug me and cuddle, to express her affection and warmth. I love my mother and like to inherit my mother’s qualities.

Now I am quite mature and successful in my life, I dedicate all my success to my mother. My mother prays for me every moment to gain more success. When I meet my mother, she meets me with a smiling face and delightedly. Looking at this smiling and caregiving face my heart is immense and huge.

5. Mother Is The Best Teacher Of A Child

 Being a mother is very challenging work. But the reward of it is absolutely exclusive and charming. Being a mother one should have to function in many capacities. like a caretaker, a doctor, a cook, a cleaner, a housewife, a moderator, a manager and a teacher etc. But being a mother as a teacher is very important. Because she can have a positive impact on kids’ lives due to her love, kindness, warmth and caretaking characteristics.

If a mother takes the charge of teaching her kids seriously and compassionately, it will be a very successful job. Because she will teach them not only academic subjects, but she could enhance the whole personality as well. During teaching subjects, she can keep her eyes on children’s different areas of improvement. like social development, emotional development, spiritual development and cognitive development etc.

If a mother has good knowledge about all strengths and weaknesses of her child, it is a good opportunity for her to work on her child’s personality and academic development at a time.

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6. Mother As A Nurturer

Mother has a lot of duties. A mother’s first duty is to nurture and nourish her babies. When a baby has no sense of living, no sense of eating, drinking, walking and even no sense of toileting, then there is the entity who takes all the responsibilities and offers self-sacrifice to her child. The mother nourishes and nurtures her children. First She gives them breastfeeding after some times gives them spoon-feeding and then cooks for delicious meals and gives them proper care.

7. Kind and Disciplinarian

To be kind, firm and disciplinarian is a very difficult but important job of parenting. It is the mother’s quality and her duty to be able to maintain both these apparently opposite facets and qualities. It means to make children habitual to discipline their lives and lifestyles but in a polite way. This job apparently looks very simple and easy but it is a difficult job.

When a person has a tendency towards kindness, warmth and compassion, he cannot discipline his children. But if he has a tendency towards disciplinarian, he becomes strict and authoritarian. A successful mother has the potential capacity to maintain both these qualities. I love my mother. She showered over me a bundle of kindness, empathy but she made me disciplined.        

8. Housekeeper and chef  

Mothers are multi-tasking and most of the mothers are housekeepers and a chef. Some mothers are fond of cooking and housekeeping. They cook very delicious meals of their own interest and keep their homes well-disciplined. They keep their kitchen very neat and clean. Ther are well disciplined and well mannered. Infect these mothers are cooking lovers. On the contrary, there are some mothers, although they do not love cooking and housekeeping very much, who are compelled to do multitask.  

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